The r_ght

Right is a newly established yet very experienced firm in the recruitment and advisory space. We are eager to team up with visionary clients who recognize the importance of finding the right leaders and specialists for their finance functions.


We are dedicated to helping companies securing the right people for their vital finance functions.

We approach these very distinct tasks with a wide variety of relevant backgrounds, a broad perspective and a deep understanding of the relevant skills and areas of expertise.

Management Team

We bring decades of experience at the highest professional level to the table. 

We have worked within recruitment and management consulting and have experienced the recruitment industry as consultants, clients and candidates.

We know how it works and we aim to deliver more holistic and more empathic solutions, above all recognizing the importance of trust in these essential partnerships.


Profitable growth requires the right team. A thriving group of people sharing the same goals, carefully selected to deliver at the highest level.

At Right we believe in deep relations with our clients, enabling us to proactively support their goals by identifying the people with the right skills and the right mindset to help the company succeed.  

For candidates

You are a highly skilled leader or finance professional aiming for a satisfying work life with the right challenges and the right people around you. We aim to be your partner on this journey, helping you achieve your goals by identifying relevant opportunities for you.

We continuously support you, whether you are offered a given position or not, because we believe in long-term relationships.

For companies

You are ambitious in how you organize, manage and nurture your teams. We aim to be your trusted advisor in this endeavor, charting new territory in a strong, growing and trusting relationship.

We want to know your company well enough to be able to identify the right opportunities for you. Both in terms of people and in terms of how these people are organized and employed to ensure you have the ideal set-up for realizing your goals.