The Right shortcut to a successful finance department

In the interfaces between people, processes, and IT infrastructure, we help ambitious companies create successful and well-functioning finance departments. Our mission is to contribute to a human and present industry by putting propriety on the agenda in the way we deliver interim solutions.

We challenge the needs, maintain focus, and innovate solutions.

Ambitious companies and individuals know that the right team is a prerequisite for profitability and growth. We are no better than the people we choose to collaborate with. Fortunately, we are quite adept at matching people and workplaces.

We deliver interim solutions that provide the CFO peace of mind and pride, and generate results that are tangible both on the bottom line and in the satisfaction of customers and consultants.

The Right Way

We are dedicated to delivering the right interim solutions of the best leaders and specialists for companies’ finance functions.

But we only do it if we can do it properly.
For everyone.

Right was founded with a desire to bring decency back to the agenda in the way we think of and deliver interim solutions. Therefore, we value relationships higher than transactions and maintain a constant focus on skills, career aspirations, and chemistry.

This is how we succeed in creating value, and putting decency on the agenda in the industry.

The Right Team

We are an experienced team with backgrounds in auditing and finance, drawing on many years of experience from both the recruitment, consulting, and advisory industries. We have also experienced the industries as both clients, candidates, and consultants.

We thrive on connecting people to people, spotting the right match, and ensuring good chemistry – and it can be felt the moment you step into the basement in Hellerup: We like each other.

We believe that our mix of people is part of what makes us an attractive workplace, partner, and supplier. We have seasoned veterans who looked on with some skepticism as the internet gained ground in finance departments. We have students who contribute fresh perspectives and ideas. We have people from Jutland and Zealand. New parents and grandparents. We have different professional backgrounds, perspectives, and skills.

And that’s what makes us the right match for each other.

Take your next career step with Right

We are continuously searching for experienced and ambitious finance professionals who are looking for exciting new challenges and a professionally and personally satisfying work life. We collaborate with sharp interim consultants who can make a long-term difference in a short time for our clients.

For companies

You are ambitious in how you organize, manage and nurture your teams. We aim to be your trusted advisor in this endeavor, charting new territory in a strong, growing and trusting relationship.

We want to know your company well enough to be able to identify the right opportunities for you. Both in terms of people and in terms of how these people are organized and employed to ensure you have the ideal set-up for realizing your goals.

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